Somehow you've arrived here. Welcome. Perhaps you already know a thing or ten about me, but here are a few more details. I am a journalist, painter, gardener, naturalist and mom. I grew up in Toronto, studied biology at the Universities of Guelph and Waterloo and journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa.  From there, I went to CBC Radio in Halifax, and then into magazine publishing – where the art, features, typography, shelf life, and all-night-production madness won my heart. It was the 1980s.

I was one of the founding editors of Cottage Life, was senior and then managing editor of Today's Parent, and freelanced for a pile of other publications, including Western Living, where I wrote the restaurant column for the Edmonton edition. People who know me – especially my two kids – know just how nuts that was.

In 2004, I left publishing for the environmental non-profit Evergreen, and was honoured to manage the national school-ground-greening program and a fine crew of landscape architects across the country. Farm life in the Northumberland Hills was next, and for five years I was delighted to work as both a writer and editor for Watershed magazine. Now Cobourg is home, and the view of the lake is mesmerizing. New projects beckon, and I'm excited to be starting yet another chapter.