I began to explore watercolour in the mid-1990s when my kids were doing an art class in Edmonton. One course led to another, and over the years I’ve studied at the Toronto School of Art, the Visual Arts Centre in Montreal, Central Technical School, LucSculpture, and have taken intensive workshops with painters such as Patti Mollica, Robert Burridge, Pat Fairhead, Gary Smith, Lorna Mulligan, Brian Smith and Melanie Browne.

As Joni Mitchell wrote and sang, “Every picture has its shadow and it has its source of light; blindness, blindness and sight.” This essential truth continues to challenge and inspire me, as do the loose watercolours of Andrew Wyeth, the singing palettes of Wolf Kahn and Pat Fairhead, and the stillness and minimalism of Tony Onley. The discipline of the artists on dailypaintworks.com is also a profound example of commitment.

I work primarily in acrylic and watercolour, though I'm now experimenting with oil. Landscape and the quotidian, exterior and interior, these are what interest me, as I try to capture moments of beauty and awareness in our technology-saturated world.